Where are we ?

Where are we ?

We are in Maasai country in Kenya, near the border with Tanzania, in the middle of the bush.

Our camp is located in the township of Naikarra, which means 'surrounded by hills'.

The village is 220 km south-west of Nairobi and 80 km south of Narok. It is a 3 hours journey from Nairobi to Narok and another 2 hours from Narok to Namelok Camp (35 km are of road), provided it doesn't rain...

Lost in the middle of nature at an altitude of 1920 m, our camp is off the beaten track.

However, the Maasai Mara, Kenya's first and most famous wildlife park, is a 1 hour 20 minute drive from Namelok Camp. The Loita Forest (primary forest and above all sacred forest for the Maasai people) is 2 hours 15 minutes away.

Ideal position to enjoy all the tranquillity of this place and to experience a safari or a trek.