Oletuya Primary School

Oletuya Primary School

« Education is power » (l’éducation est la force)

Oletuya Primary School slogan

This school is about 30 minutes' walk from our camp and has about 550 students. It has been run for three years by Mr Julius ole Tome, assisted by 13 teachers. There are many challenges to offer the best learning conditions for these students.

We have already completed two beautiful projects:

  • the replacement of all the windows in the school: most of them were broken or missing. Pupils can study in better conditions.
  • the creation of dry toilets, 4 for boys with a urinal and 3 for girls. This project was made possible thanks to Guillaume Rapp and his friends who raised funds during a cycling tour through Switzerland.
  • the planting of more than 100 plants of artemisia, a plant which, when drunk as a tea, can cure and prevent malaria. This disease still regularly kills people in Maasai country.
  • The installation of gutters on the entire roof of the school as well as huge tanks. This will limit the time spent by the pupils fetching water from the well. This project was made possible thanks to our sponsor, Maud Ankaoua, who launched the idea by making a live video on Facebook.